From H2O Theatre to Systems-thinking (Part I)

How do you open up creative spaces for inspiration around water?

At the heart of what Waterlution does is offer opportunities for inspiration, so sytsemic and sustainable change can happen simultaneously. On Friday Jan 25th, together with a lovely group of new and old Hub members who brought friends, partners and family, we embarked on a one-of-a-kind Learning Journey with an opening ceremony at Water H2O Theatre!

H2O Theatre: An Evening of Storytelling

Our storytellers and imaginators took us on a water journey around the world and back, over stretches of distant time and space and wild imagination!

Brett Rogers shared stories of his adventures from his most recent expedition on the Ganges river in India. A truly spiritual experience, Brett bathed his sins away in the river, camped on its shores and experienced Karma at its truest in the process.

Kristy Franks (who traveled from Montreal to join us for the full Learning Journey), shared confessions and stories about showers: showers that we take, and showers that fall from the sky. While guiding Canadian youth on cultural trips with Canada World Youth, Kristy took us from West Africa, to Brazil to Indonesia… and left us lingering on this questions/response: “So do you put drinking water in your toilets?” asked a local host in a remote community in Indonesia. “Euh.. yes.” was the response.

Pat Bisset, our first storyteller from Storytelling Toronto shared wisdoms from a time when animals could speak. A flood was approaching and cooperation was the key to staying alive. Suspenseful, engaging and captivating, the story stole our imagination… in fact, we will never look at turkeys the same way again.

Molly Sutkaitis, also from Storytelling Toronto, with her humour, sincerity and serenading voice took us back to the 1930’s when she was a very young girl learning how to swim in Glascow, Scotland during WWII.

Carol Farkas, our last storyteller from Storytelling Toronto brought us back to Canada and shared the myth of the beautiful young woman who saved her Seneca people from a great snake that came down the mighty river and poisoned the waters. And this was part of the story behind the creation of Niagara Falls.

Glen Markham closed our event by sharing a rather visually rich poem (project) he wrote on words in water, asking: “Where did the awe in water go?”


*Thank you Victoria Kikhard for sending us the photos you took and Julia for the rest of the photos. We apologize for the quality- lighting was very dim!

For details on Day 2 of the Learning Journey, see part II of this blog.


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